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Video lessons

How can i improve?

If there is a particular shot that you would like to improve on, video lessons are a great opportunity to see for yourself what you need to do and how you can develop it! Coach will give you an analysed CD (using specialised software designed for tennis) with you playing and tips on what you need to do.

The Video Lesson includes:

  • 30 minute video session
  • Coach analysing the video/shot
  • Putting together a copy for you on CD
  • Followed up by a 45 minute lesson to discuss + put into practice what changes are needed
  • Cost of the lesson is £50.00

Before starting a lesson please check out our code of conduct.

Please Note: If a tennis lesson needs to be cancelled/rearranged please give as much notice as possible out of courtesy for the coach so they have an opportunity to rearrange their work. A late cancellation can affect the rest of our working schedule.

Therefore we will charge the full lesson fee for a lesson cancelled with less than 24 hours notice.

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