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Tennis Xperience UK have worked with the Marlborough Tennis Club since Catherine and Lewis moved to Wiltshire.  As an instrumental part of the coaching team, both on and off the court, they have helped shape and focus the programme of activities and brought an even higher standard of play to the junior club. The close working relationship has helped strengthen the bond between their home club Ramsbury with Marlborough, enabling the linking of activities and excellent working relationships to flourish. As a result some of Marlborough development players can continue their programme throughout the winter – sometimes training at the Ramsbury courts.

In recent years, in addition to their own time and effort, Tennis Xperience have provided their associate coaches to further boost Marlborough’s programme. At present Tennis Xperience UK provide approx 14 hours of coaching a week at Marlborough Tennis Club.

For further information see or contact Hilda Moore (coaching co-ordinator) on 07988 539010

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