Babolat Tennis Xperience UK Clothing




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Tennis Xperience UK Clothing

Apologies but our online shop is no longer available - we have very limited stock available so if you would like to find out whether we have what you wish in stock please contact us. Please note that we may not have your size available in stock but it is possible that we can order different sizes on request.


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Junior T-shirt


All the black junior t-shirts have white logo/slogan - 'Love means nothing to tennis players'


All the navy junior t-shirts have tennis ball yellow logo/slogan - 'I don’t do the talking, my racket does'

Junior Hoodie


Great hoodie to keep warm in all weather

Adults T-shirt


These t-shirts have a tennis player on the back/logo on front - tennis ball colour

Adults Polo Shirt


Adults Hoodie


Adults Rugby Top


Ladies Long Sleeved Top




We do not have these in stock but are available to order
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